Candidate Support Team

Empowering campaigns by providing free creative services.

We are a group of creative professionals – graphic designers, web designers, videographers, writers – committed to COLLABORATING with Democratic candidates on state and local elections. 


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What We Do


Our goal is to help Democratic candidates win state and local elections by providing creative services to campaigns. Our team provides quality work, free of charge, with the goal of helping candidates save precious financial resources. By building websites, maintaining social media feeds, and providing other services, we allow candidates to focus on the handshaking and door knocking that wins campaigns.

Specifically, we help candidates deliver their key messages to voters in their community. We help with messaging, media and social media strategy, website design, still photography, all varieties of campaign literature, and the creation of short engagement-oriented videos.

Sheila Bynum-Coleman, Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, Women's Rights video.


"I don’t know how to fully express my gratitude to you for what you did to support our campaign. Your videos rocked! They helped to push out our message, and also made it personal, enabling me to speak directly to voters in our community, and supporters around the country."

- Larry Barnett, Candidate Virginia House of Delegates