Larry Barnett

2019 Democratic Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, 27th District

"I don’t know how to fully express my gratitude to you for what you did to support our campaign. Your videos rocked! They helped to push out our message, and also made it personal, enabling me to speak directly to voters in our community, and supporters around the country."

- Larry Barnett

Case Study - Larry Barnett


Larry Barnett was the Democratic candidate for State Delegate in Virginia’s 27th District, located to the southwest of Richmond, in Chesterfield County.  Like many other first-time candidates, Larry decided to run in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. 

Larry ran against Republican Roxann Robinson. First elected to office in 2009, Robinson ran unopposed until 2015, beating her Democratic opponent with 58.5 percent of the vote. In the 2016 presidential election, Trump won the district by 1 percentage point. Despite Trump's narrow victory, national and state organizations did not view the 27th District as "flippable", meaning Larry received only minimal support. 

Larry is running again in 2019 and we are assisting his campaign with website design and assessment of his social media presence and editing of campaign materials.


Our Involvement in 2017

We began working with Larry’s campaign in late spring 2017.  Larry’s platform focused on education, mental health and public safety. Our team assisted Larry’s campaign by:

·      Helping to hone key messages and drive media coverage around his issues

·      Developing opinion editorials for local media outlets

·      Helping to craft policy positions and integrate those positions into social media strategy via Facebook posts and ads

·      Supporting the development of mailers and other print materials

·      Optimizing and assisting with the management of a Facebook page

 ·     Expanding the social media audience 

·      Shooting videos during canvassing and other campaign events, and then editing that video into short, impactful pieces

 ·    Scheduling the release of these videos, and developing wraparound media and constituent engagement strategies

Larry Barnett, Opioid Video



We created a series of videos for Larry's campaign. In addition to shooting and editing, we helped Larry create a pinpoint video launch on Facebook and in other social media outlets, resulting in over 14,000 views.  Those videos were also picked up by local and national organizations.

Visit Larry’s Facebook page and website for a sense of how we helped!


The Result

Larry ran an incredibly strong 2017 campaign. He came within 130 votes of his opponent, losing 14,461-14,333. He also almost doubled the Democratic turnout from the 2015 election, bringing more than 6861 new voters to the polls. While those votes were not enough for Larry to win, they were a big factor in the success of gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam. 

With the knowledge gained in 2017 we are optimistic that this will be the year Larry flips the seat.